At Hillcrest Hampton House we believe we have the very best residents in town. Orlando is a wonderful city for seniors and our facility is home to some of the most interesting seniors in all of Central Florida. At present we have people living at Hillcrest Hampton House from as far away as China and Germany. A number of our residents are from right here in Central Florida but we also have residents from California, Tennessee, New York, Massachusetts and many other states. People come to Florida and Hillcrest Hampton House for many different reasons, obviously a main one being the year-round warm weather. From all different backgrounds and from all over the world, Hillcrest Hampton House is the proud home of a community of people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

The Hillcrest Hampton House Hospitality Team is the backbone of our unique community. Composed of 10 residents who love to volunteer, this team greets all residents and visitors alike at the building – both in person and over the phone. They plan celebratory brunches at various times of the year using the historic Magnolia Room located on the West side of the first floor. From bead and jewelry shows to clothes giveaways to Bible studies and movie nights – the hospitality team is always bringing activity and energy to our community. In addition, each year they plan Christmas baskets to take to those less fortunate in our VA hospitals.

It is not uncommon at The Hillcrest Hampton House to be involved in bingo, card games, or just singing classics around the grand piano.